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Our Purpose

The Coalition of Neighbourhood Houses Capital Region was formed in response to the growing need to provide coordinated supports and services across the capital region. The purpose of the Coalition is to increase neighbourhood based programs and resources, further develop relationships with government, funders and the wider community, collaborate on regional neighbourhood-based service planning, coordinate services across neighbourhoods, work on community priority issues, and explore increased efficiencies in service delivery and organizational management.

Place Making

A Neighbourhood House is a neighbourhood based service hub that provides a continuum of services across age groups. What makes them unique is their commitment to place making – providing supports and services that are identified by community members and delivered in a defined geographic area.


Everyone lives in a healthy and engaged neighbourhood where they have access to the services they need.


Coalition members collaborate to provide accessible, coordinated and responsive services across the capital region of British Columbia.


Members of the Coalition of Neighbourhood Houses Capital Region make the following commitments:

  • Welcoming and accessible
    We commit to providing stigma free services and being a place where people can gather and connect with others

  • Responsive and adaptable
    We commit to being responsive to the changing needs of individuals, families and communities

  • Trustworthy and transparent
    We commit to building relationships based on trust and transparency and meeting people where they are at

  • Collaborative
    We commit to working together and understanding the value of partnerships

  • Community development/capacity building
    We commit to working with individuals and families to build their capacity and to engage the community actively in addressing their own issues

  • Strength based
    We commit to recognizing that people know what they need and everyone can contribute, share ideas and address their issues

  • Neighbourhood based
    We commit to working locally to identify what works best in each neighbourhood and to support residents to take positive actions in their neighbourhoods

Many Thanks to our Funders:

United Way            Capital Daily         Victoria Foundation      Island Savings      

Local Infrastructure Fund

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