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Coalition Core Services

All members of the Coalition are committed to providing place-based programs and services for families with children that are accessible and barrier-free. Members of the Coalition provide all or nearly all of the following core services:

  • Early childhood development (early learning and care programs)

  • Drop-in programs for children and adults

  • Child care

  • Parenting education

  • Parent and caregiver support

  • Resource and referral (referral to other resources and services)

  • Meal programs (food and nutrition support)

  • Volunteer opportunities

Along with the above core services, members may also provide additional services in the following areas:

  • Seniors programs

  • Youth programs

  • Recreational programs

  • Counselling services

Neighbourhood House Service Traits

A Neighbourhood House is a neighbourhood-based service hub that provides a continuum of services across age groups. The member Neighbourhood Houses of the Coalition of Neighbourhood Houses Capital Region have the following traits:

  • Open to all
    Everyone who comes through the door is served in some manner

  • Accessible
    Services are low-barrier for all families and individuals

  • Stigma free
    Centres embraces a stigma-free approach where people can be served in a welcoming and accepting environment

  • Community driven
    There is a commitment to intentionally reach out to the community and address identified needs

  • Across a continuum
    Services are provided across all ages and levels of support

  • Secular
    Non-faith based programs and services

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